Garden Champions

Provides gardening training to our 22 Garden Champions. They grow and harvest vegetables for the feeding scheme kitchens and for families in the community who need extra food.

The project requires working resources and tools: 10 spades, 10 rakes, 10 watering cans, 10 hand trowels, 10 garden sprayer, 22 pair of gum boots. The annual cost is R12 990.

Both our senior clubs and our after-school club beneficiaries receive fresh harvest once a week.

Youth & women empowerment

This project equips youth and women with sewing and craft-making skills. The aim is to empower the participants to use these skills to create a living for themselves.

This project uses and requires R1600 per month for space rental. The annual cost is R19 200.

Feeding & after-school project

Helping young children up to grade 5 in need of food.

Two women are cooking and feeding approximately 1080 children daily.

Our feeding scheme has a budget of R500 per week for groceries. The annual cost is R24 000.

The project also supports 41 school children with reading, homework, and creative arts. 

The after-school project requires R4800 for educational resources.

Dignity girls

The programme provides mentorship to 33 young girls about life and leadership skills, good hygiene, GBV, relationships and sisterhood.

The group is taken on four excursions a year and every girl receives a monthly hygiene pack valued at R100.

The programme costs R52 940 per annum.

Dignity boys

This programme has two levels;

the first level is to empower young men between 18 and 25 years with knowledge and wisdom in order for them to become mentors and role models to younger boys.

We focus on behaviour in school, at home and in the community at large. One important aspect is how to treat girls and women in a respectful manner and understand what constitutes abusive behaviour.

The second level is about study skills. The programme aims to assist the participants to accomplish and further their education.

The programme has grown from 23 boys in 2022 to 60 boys in 2023.