700 masks and Station 6

Thanks to a number of donations and efficient collaboration with other organisations, we were able to open a 6th feeding station yesterday, which brings the total to six. The latest station is at Myeza Road. There is enough food at every station and nobody is turned away. Each station has two 50 L pots and a 10 L bucket.

Projekt Ubuntu provided 700 masks which we gave to children at the various feeding stations today.

It’s heartwarming to experience the level of support from people inside and outside Masiphumelele, from the surrounding suburbs to greater Cape Town, Europe, Australia and the United States. Many people are approaching us, donating money and groceries and offering assistance. It makes a HUGE difference!

Candidates from various NGOs have formed a Masi CAN, lead by young people from Masiphumelele. The group is working closely with Noordhoek & Fish Hoek CAN. They have started distributing food parcels to Kumbulikaya, an area in Masiphumelele where most residents are from Zimbabwe and Malawi. We welcome this unification and joint effort to benefit all residents of Masiphumelele.

Nosandla Fete preparing to dish food at Station 2

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