Food security during lockdown

Masiphumelele has about 40 000 inhabitants. Many people work in the informal sector. Many are unemployed.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a 21-day national lockdown as a measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus, Covid-19. The lockdown started on 27 March and will last until 16 April 2020. Schools are closed and many people are losing their income. What can we do to help? Let’s support people who already are doing a fabulous job. Yandiswa Mazwana is one one them. In 2017, she founded Masiphumelele Creative Hub, 191-408 NPO. The organisation focuses on sport, art and after-school activities. During lockdown it is focusing 100% on food security in Masiphumelele.

How to help?

  • Add groceries to designated drop-off trolleys at Pick n Pay and FoodLovers at Longbeach Mall and Checkers at Sun Valley Mall.
  • Non-perishables: samp, rice, maize meal, tinned food (e.g. ready-made soups), dish washing liquid, cleaning supplies.
  • Fruit and veg: potatoes, carrots, beans, vegetable cube stock, apples, bananas, pears etc.
  • Keeping children active: pencils, crayons, scrap books, colouring books, brushes, play dough.

The products will be fetched from the stores every day.

Masiphumelele Creative Hub has been grated permission to operate from Ukhanyo Primary School during lockdown.

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